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Microtubules are conveyer belts inside cells!


The propose of microtubules are to move vesicles, granules, organelles like mitochondria, and chromosomes via special attachment proteins with-in the cell. They also serve a cytoskeletal role with microfilaments.


Microtubules may work alone, or join with other proteins to form more complex structures called cilia, flagella and centrioles . Microtubules are made out of tubulin subunits and are often used by cells to hold their shape. Microtubules are also the major component of cilia and flagella. Structurally, they are linear polymers of tubulin which is a globular protein. These linear polymers are called protofilaments. The tubulin molecules are the bead like structures. A protofilament is a linear row of tubulin beads.





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